Susan on  Call Time Atlanta  with Pamela DeBitis.

Susan on Call Time Atlanta with Pamela DeBitis.

About 22Talent

According to various sources, the Number 22 is possibly the most powerful and successful number. It is the master builder and means that we can master anything we set our minds to. Among other things, it represents transformation, the manifestation of dreams, evolution, creation, an idealistic future and turning our imagination into reality. This is why I chose to name the agency 22Talent. Susan Fronsoe

Susan Fronsoe was the co-owner of Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. (AMT), one of the southeast’s top talent agencies from 2011 to 2015. During that time, she worked along side Casting Director Shay Bentley-Griffin in starting the Atlanta Coalition of Talent Agencies (ACTA). She was also instrumental in assisting some of the regions top actors elevate their careers in obtaining recognizable roles.

In 2015, Susan sold her AMT shares to her partner Sarah Carpenter and started ActorsConsult, a consulting business for actors interested in developing a successful career in the southeast. She worked with new actors needing guidance starting their careers, trained actors ready to work with a talent agent, actors relocating to Atlanta from other markets, and anyone wanting more knowledge about the entertainment business.

Susan began her career in advertising in Orlando. She then moved into film production where she worked for over eight years on television and film projects in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Los Angeles. She spent nearly 20 years working as an actor both in the south and in Los Angeles. Susan became a Talent Manager in Los Angeles in 2004 for nearly three years until the Writer’s Strike of 2008 brought her back to the east coast.

22Talent represents a small but mighty roster of actors for commercials, television and film.   With the casting director relationships she has built as an agency owner and consultant, her clients will have access to auditions in Florida, as well as Georgia, North and South Carolina and the entire southeast region.